Range Murata’s Robot Vol. 01

Range Murata's Robot

The first and last project of The Rabbit Republic.

“REPUBLIC COMES BACK FROM THE DEAD! For one post! Then back to the grave.”

So says funny_bunny. We intended to post this not long after the last chapter…but funny_bunny wanted this to be released alongside our successor’s, making this pack weeks late. The circumstances can be read here.

Getting back on brass tacks; we have surpassed all expectations. The Republic has managed to release the whole first volume of Range Murata’s Robot within a relatively short period of time, despite the fact that funny_bunny was consistently missing and everyone else was utterly disorganized. Yes, holstein seized control and I assisted in management, but really, I still find this amazing. What originally began as an anonymous group somehow manifested itself into a byzantine organization that fueled nothing but hatred and greed. I will not bother to explain because there is nothing new about our interactions with one another. It is a cycle of violence that is historically perpetuated, with brief moments of optimism. No, I’m just joking.

All digressions aside, the Republic did end on the 14th. The era is over. Naturally, once one ends, another begins. We of The Rabbit Republic have become The Rabbit Reich. And so this relic will remain. In a while, all links to files will be eliminated, except this release. In it holds all chapters, cover pages, contents, and as prettyprophet insists, the credit pages. If you are one who has kept up with releases, then the covers and contents are right here: megaupload, mediafire, rapidshare.

No, we will not be continuing Robot. If you head over to the Reich, you might find some sort of reason. In truth, there is no real reason. funny_bunny no longer has the desire and that is all. That and mounting pressure from a number of us stating that his resources would be better directed towards something else.

Since holstein has broken the code of anonymity, some Rabbits have decided to speak:

Kawaii Pattycakes: I drew a lot of stuff on the credit pages! Hahahahaha!

edthefucker: Swearing to fucking Buddha, if you’re an idiot who bought these releases somewhere…fuck your face. I don’t mean in the “I bought this off Amazon because I’m an oh-so-horny-for-Japan whiteboy” sense. I mean in the “This cunthead is charging money for these poorly scanned jpgs and I think I’ll pay to get it, even though it’s free somewhere else AT THE ORIGINAL SOURCE, because I really like having fat, uncircumcised cocks up my ass and didn’t bother to look around” sense.

Lavie Rhap: Got past the Lunar New Year intact and finished it off. Impressive.

D: I changed my mind. After having to make sure everything is absolutely perfect for funny (I don’t even know if it is), I’ve realized: I really hate this stuff. Or maybe it’s just Robot; I wouldn’t know, I don’t read comics.

prettyprophet: Hey, I sneaked my comment into the release itself. Heh, plebs.

HERZOG: Kei Sanbe was undoubtedly influenced by Ingmar Bergman.

Aerith’s Bitch: I have NOTHING.

puffismagix: Damn, I don’t know why you had me do this. Everything is moving.

Killer Ink: It’s strange seeing puffismagix’s words in a cohesive sentence without spelling or grammatical errors. Editing does wonders.

holstein: “The tygers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction.”

funny_bunny: Well, this was a fun ride! Peace out! Catch everyone over at THE REICH! WE GOT PRETTIES THERE!

Indeed. The Rabbit Republic is dead, long live The Rabbit Reich.

Additional links:

On Mediafire
On Rapidshare


11 Responses to “Range Murata’s Robot Vol. 01”

  1. night_rain Says:

    thanks for scanlating robot!! i’m an avid fan of range murata and i was always curious about what robot was…now i know. lol.

    peace to the rabbit republic, hail to the rabbit reich.

  2. yaaayy… rabbit is back..
    undead rabbit.

    anyway.. my comment for this post:
    A.w.E.s.O.m.E 😀 😀 😀

  3. I’d rather just by the book.

  4. prettyprophet Says:

    Well, I’d rather eat tiramisu than cheesecake but you don’t see me telling a cheesecake blog that. I should though…I’ve got an argument on behalf of tiramisu, one that can even shut funny_bunny up.

  5. I just read this manga at MangaFox and found it really interesting (along with the publicity of The Rabbit Republic lol ).

    I really enjoyed it, so thank you :3

  6. Pixelation Says:

    I came across this mag in a local borders, I picked it up and I knew i had to buy it. love to the RR ftw ❤

  7. Thanks for the scan

  8. You guys did a great job with this volume. I’ll be looking forward with the next volume from you guys so keep up the great job.

  9. wow..
    It’s magic…!!

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